85 Years - A Journey Through Time

A Sense in Time

What else was happening in 1936 as the Founders of APS were assembling their new school, and what did the world look like?

Here are some notes from the year to help paint a picture:

King George V died in January 1936, and Edward VIII was on the throne when was APS founded, to be followed by George VI in December.
The RMS Queen Mary made her maiden voyage across the Atlantic
The LZ 129 Hindenburg takes off on its first flight
The Summer Olympics were staged in Berlin
The Crystal Palace was destroyed in a massive fire
Ringway Airport (now Manchester Airport) was still being built and wouldn’t start operations until 1938.
The BBC started regular television transmissions from Alexandra Palace in 405 line black and white.
The very first telephone call around the world was only the year before in 1935.
The threat of another war in Europe was in most peoples’ minds