APS Old Boys


As part of our 85th anniversary celebrations, we are launching an Alumni Society to celebrate all of the boys who have passed through the school throughout our history. We hope to be able to use the Society to bring ex-pupils back together, to share their stories from their time at school with old friends, and also to share their life experiences with current pupils.

As the Society grows, we will hold events to bring the ‘Old Boys’ back together, through newsletters, networking sessions and events.

If you would like to be part of the Alumni Society please complete the details below and we will keep you updated with the latest developments, both in school and within the Society.

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Your Stories

We are fortunate that so many ‘Old Boys’ have such a strength of feeling towards A.P.S that they go on to send their sons here too. We currently have a number of boys in school whose fathers (and sometimes grandfathers!) attended the school too. Here are some of their stories.

The Lyons family is now in its 3rd generation of APS pupils.

My father was a pupil in the late 50s. Despite growing up in Didsbury, his parent chose to send him to APS due to its outstanding local reputation. Having relocated to Hale Barns by the time of my birth, it was an easy decision for my parents, and a shorter commute, for me and my younger brother to follow in our father’s educational footsteps. 

I hold fond and vivid memories of my time at APS. From my early, yet daunting days at South Downs Road to my final years at the prep which was then at Highbury. The school blended a balance between striving for educational excellence and a strong focus on extra-curricular activities, in particular sports under the then very youthful Mr Birch. When it came to choosing a school for my sons Sam and Joshua there really was no decision to make. 

Walking back into the school some 30 years later, not all the buildings may be the same but it is clear that the school’s core values remain constant. A new nursery department at Bank Place, a new school building at Marlborough Road with manicured sports pitches, a new headmaster and teachers, but some things will never change - the sight of Mr Birch encouraging the APS boys from the sidelines in the pouring Mancunian rain.

Mark Lyons 1984-1991

Sam Darby sent his son to follow in his footsteps.

I joined APS in 1990. I have great memories of the school and still look back fondly at the time I spent there. Even though a lot of my friends moved to different secondary schools, I am still in touch with some of my APS friends today. 

One of my proudest moments at APS was being selected for the football team by Mr Birch. It is brilliant that such a great person is still teaching at the school. My younger brother, Tom, also came to APS and also has similar great memories of his time at the school. 

When Ronnie was born, we were keen that he too would join the school so that he could have a great start to his education, build strong friendships and have lasting memories. 

Sam Darby 1990 - 1995