85 Years - A Journey Through Time

Heads and Governors


APS has had nine headmasters over the last 85 years:

Gaskell, P A.1936-1939. First Headmaster of APS, but called up to the forces in 1939
Hartington1939 - 1946. Mr Hartington was Headmaster through the Second World War
Mason, Edward1946 - 1966. Mr Mason was one of the original Board, and served in a dual capacity as Chairman and Headmaster from 1946-1966.
Thomson, John ReginaldSept 1966 - 1971. At his appointment, Mr Thomson stated he would serve five years before retirement, and he resigned in July 1971 for health reasons.
Leigh JSept 1971 - July 1975. Mr Leigh left APS to take up a Deputy Head post at Berwick on Tweed Senior School.
McCay, Ron JSept 1975 - 1997
Parris, Eileen VSept 1997 - July 2000
Potts, Andrew CSept 2000 - August 2018
Whittaker, AndrewSept 2018 - 2021

The Board of APS

APS retains strong family connections with the men involved in the creation of the company. Of the six serving Directors, three are sons or grandsons of the original 1936 team.

Board of Directors
Hill, Andrew1995-present. Company Chairman, Chair of Governors. Grandson of Founder Governor
Hill, Arthur E1975-present. Company Vice Chairman, Vice Chair of Governors. Former Chairman. Son of Founder Governor.
Furness, Michael1999-present. Company Secretary, Governor
Geddes, John1982-present. Lawyer, solicitor (retired), Director, Governor
Hurst, Alan2012-present. APS Architect. Director, Governor
Stephenson, Deborah2017-present. Director, Governor


Additional Governors
Nodding, Keith1981-present. Headmaster of Altrincham Grammar School (retired), Governor
Davies, John2020-present. Headmaster of Leeds Grammar Junior School, Headmaster of Moorlands Prep School (retired), Governor

There have been only five Chairmen since 1936: W Hamblin (1936-1944 approx), E Mason (1944 - 1976), A Hill (1976-1982), A E Hill (1982-2013) and A R Hill (2013-present).

There have been even fewer Company Secretaries, J Furness (1936-1981), W M Furness (1981 - 2010), M F Furness (2010-present).