Our Buildings- Marlborough Road

1997 - present

APS continued on the two sites at South Downs Road and Highbury for decades.

In the early 1990s however, the owners of the lease at College House on South Downs Road gave notice that it was their intention to close the building to release the land for demolition to rebuild College House as the apartment building that stands there today. Whilst Highbury was very much seen as the main APS building with the Head Master and Bursar, South Downs Road provided much needed space for younger classes.

The Board decided that the best solution was to use part of the land owned on Marlborough Road. Lord Stamford gave the Marlborough Road site to APS in the 1950s, and it was a large plot of land ideally suited for the creation of a new building. The decision was taken to halve the field; retain the lower section as a playing surface and build a new bespoke school on the top section.

It was an exciting time to commission a new building, and the Board engaged the services of architect Alan Hurst (now an APS Director) to design the new site. The building provided many more classrooms as well as a much needed school hall big enough to host Speech Night and other special occasions.

The large new premises were completed in 1997, and allowed the school to swap the pupils so that older boys were based at Marlborough Road, and Highbury became home to Reception, Year 1 and Year 2. This allowed more space at Highbury as well as still having room at Marlborough Road to open a PreSchool for boys aged three and four.